Boston Harbor Hotel Invites Community to Use New Center for Meetings and Events

Calling all community collaborators! The Fort Point community is teeming with opportunities for teamwork with the ample amount of creative thinkers ad group collaborators. From art exhibits to networking events, Fort Point is always up for a chance to meet and bring people together in the art of collaboration. That being said, sometimes the big ideas can get lost on the details, specifically the physical space that would reflect the collective creative spirit of the area. That’s where the Boston Harbor Hotel’s Normal B. Leventhal Center comes in. 

While the ultimate goal of the Norman B. Leventhal Center will be to provide “a much needed respite on the Boston Harborwalk,” in the form of a visitor’s center, the space also represents a fantastic opportunity for community meetings and events. Use of the space as a visitor’s center has been delayed due to nearby sidewalk construct to begin this June. However, the Boston Harbor Hotel is still eager and excited to share the space with the neighborhood and offer its amenities for use by organizations, classes, art exhibits, workshops, and networking events to meet.

As the recent winner of the IIDA New England Design Award for best interior in Culture and Community, it’s clear that the space’s designers of Fusion Design Consultants Inc. here in Fort Point took cues and inspiration from their surroundings. Influenced by the industrial history of the area, one wall includes an abstract graphic depicting details of the Northern Avenue Bridge, integrated seamlessly into the modern design of the space. Woven vinyl flooring outlines the Boston Coastline throughout the main room, while the kitchen space includes a wall mosaic created by Seaport-based tile company Artaic that evokes the rolling waves of the harbor.

Want to learn more about the design and inspiration of the space? Check out Fusion Design’s page for more photos and details about the design. Interested in booking the space? The Leventhal Center can be reserved through Sheila Rice at (617)748-1841 or

All photos courtesy of Fusion Design Consultants 


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Christine Rowley is the Marketing and Social Media Intern for Friends of Fort Point Channel and a current junior at Northeastern University.