Fort Point Review: The Great Pumpkin Coffee Taste Test


The Friends of Fort Point Channel’s Event Manager, Michaela Hughes, taste tested pumpkin coffees from around the Fort Point Channel area. This is her story:

Anyone who knows me, knows that coffee is the most essential element to my day. Anyone who REALLY knows me, knows that I spend my entire year looking forward to pumpkin season. In honor of our upcoming 13th Annual Pumpkin Pageant, I took it upon myself to taste test all of the pumpkin coffees of Fort Point. What I discovered is that not all pumpkin coffees are created equal; in fact, this taste test proved that each pumpkin coffee has a classification of it’s own.

Most Authentic

Sorelle, 282 Congress Street

If you’re looking for a true pumpkin coffee experience look no further than Sorelle on Congress Street. This rich, earthy, and aromatic pumpkin latte is enhanced with just a sprinkle of cinnamon. I only ordered a small but I wish I had ordered an extra, super jumbo, mega large because this is what pumpkin coffee should be.

Most Refreshing

Flour, 12 Farnsworth Street

This pumpkin iced coffee is not only thirst quenching, it’s life quenching. Add a splash of milk and pair it with a Smoked Turkey sandwich and you’ve got the perfect autumn lunch. Add a cupcake on top of it all and you’ve got the perfect day.

Most Likely to Taste Like A Pumpkin

Caffe Nero, 368 Congress Street

Oh my gourd, drinking this pumpkin latte tasted like pure and simple pumpkin. This brew pairs well with almond milk which adds a touch of sweetness but doesn’t overpower the pure pumpkin goodness.

Most Likely to Taste Like A Pumpkin Pie

Au Bon Pain, 300 Congress Street

The Au Bon Pain Pumpkin Pie Latte captures all elements of a pumpkin pie: the smooth pumpkin texture, warm and comforting taste, and flavorful hints of nutmeg & cinnamon. It’s the perfect beverage to hold in both hands and inhale dramatically while wearing an oversized sweater (see image).


note: not me nor an Au Bon Pain Coffee.


Dunkin Donuts, 330 Congress Street or 268 Summer Street

As a native Bostonian, I feel a bit biased towards Dunkin’. It’s the drink of my people. However, every coffee shop has it’s own style and Dunkin’ certainly doesn’t try to be anyone but itself (which in my mind ranks it as the coolest place to grab a cup of joe). A regular pumpkin iced coffee (“extra extra” if it’s your cheat day) is the perfect fall beverage on the go.

Most Likely to Be Better Than A Maple Latte

Capital One Seaport, 57 Seaport Blvd

For this coffee, I ventured over the Channel and through the woods to Seaport for a taste of Peets Coffee at the Capital One Seaport Cafe. Here, I discovered a taste test of their own: Pumpkin vs. Maple Coffee. Don’t get me wrong, maple is great; I love it on pancakes. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, it doesn’t stand a chance next to pumpkin. This smooth and sweet latte with skim milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon was all I needed to end this debate once and for all. Pumpkin or bust.

Most Popular

Starbucks, 303 Congress Street

Cheers to a classic! The Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte is the gold standard of pumpkin coffees. This creamy and flavorful latte is across the board the most satisfying and thus the most widely received pumpkin beverage. Bonus points if you were able to get the limited edition pumpkin whipped cream before it went away (hint: I did).

Most Likely to Keep You Buzzing

LogMeIn Cafe, 333 Summer Street

Though this cafe is not open to the public, I had to make note of this pumpkin latte. Not only was it rich and delicious, it had the caffeine content I require. By the end of my drink my pupils were fully dilated and my hands were shaking: exactly the aesthetic I’m going for. If you ever find yourself at LogMeIn, stop by their coffee bar and pick up this gem.

There you have it, that’s the skinny on pumpkin coffee in Fort Point. But don’t take my word for it, get out there and try it for yourself. There are plenty of fabulous establishments for caffeinated beverages in Fort Point just waiting for your approval.

Be sure to stop by the 13th Annual Pumpkin Pageant, this Thursday (10/19), 12-3pm on the Harborwalk at Boston Children’s Museum for our annual pumpkin carving contest. Vote for your favorite jack-o-lanterns carved by your Fort Point business neighbors and stick around for pumpkin bowling by Kings, pumpkin painting, and DIY apple cider. Then toast to the carvers at the official after party and Friends of Fort Point Channel fundraiser, the Fort Point Fall Fling. Celebrate over festive cocktails by Michael Ray, bites by The Smoke Shop BBQ & Kings Dining, and live music by The Country Hits. Come support Friends of Fort Point Channel- Tickets on sale now at

P.S. Though Barrington is a wonderful coffee establishment, they do not offer pumpkin coffee. I know, I’m shook too.