Fort Point Holiday Gift Guide

From accessories to art, for all your holiday shopping needs Fort Point is the perfect place to start! We’ve also put together this handy holiday shopping guide for your perusal. Whether you shop for gifts during our Fort Point Holiday Stroll on December 8th or shop last minute at 5:57PM on December 23rd, we hope you enjoy this post.

For Your Friend Who Puts the “Tea” in Tasteful

We all have that one friend who makes their studio apartment look like the cover of the latest edition of Apartamento magazine, and is up to date on innovations in Danish & Sri Lankan lumbar supporting wicker furniture. Don’t know what to gift them for the holidays? Why not this teapot from the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum gift shop? It’s classy, it’s sassy, and most importantly, it pours a mean mug of tea.

For Your Relative Who Is Always Cold No Matter The Season

Temperature isn’t just a song by Sean Paul- it’s also the source of many apparel-related problems for tons of people across the globe. While the eternal dilemma of wanting to look cute vs. wanting to dress for the weather and not be at risk for hypothermia continues to haunt us to this day, we’ve got some present ideas in mind. Fashionable hats and wraps from Denise Hajjar are one way to stay warm and well-dressed during the winter- get them now before they sell out.

For Your Younger Cousin Who Probably Will Be An Architect Some Day

No matter how old or young you are, you probably have loved LEGOs at some point in your life (albeit less so when you step on one). A gift idea for the younger ones who love building and constructing things so much is a set of Keva planks. With Keva toys, children and adults like can indulge in the joy of creating original works of art or cleverly designed contraptions. Curious about where to cop? You can find Keva at your friendly local neighborhood Boston Children’s Museum Gift Shop.

For Your Friend Who Is Off The Grid, Loves Beer, & Thinks Game of Thrones Is An Elaborate Game of Musical Chairs

It’s getting more and more difficult to not look at screens all day in today’s digital age. But there are some who manage to not check Twitter 47 times an hour, and even some who communicate only by Pony Express. If you are at a loss at what to get for a friend who loves a good brew and loves residing in a cabin in the woods cut off from all human civilization for months at a time even more, The Bruery 10 Lords-A-Leaping ale and Ommegang Brewery Game of Thrones gift set are definitely worth your consideration. You can find these two and more spirits at Craft Beer Cellar Fort Point.

For Your Boss Who Has Been Zero Waste Since 2003

There are some noble folks out there who always go out into the world with several mason jars, tote bags, and a portable compost bin to minimize the waste in their lives. It might seem like a Herculean labor to figure out what to get them for the holidays, but we got your back. The Unitarian Universalist Association’s inSpirit Book and Gift Shop has a ton of Fair Trade goods for sale- we particularly liked the hand carved Kisii soapstone animal figurines, all hand made by carvers in Kenya. There’s all sorts of trinkets to be found at inSpirit, so come on down to their location in Fort Point today. The inSpirit bookstore is open to the public- make sure to pick up some books from local publisher Beacon Press while you’re down there.

For Your Classy Colleague Who Is An Aspiring Sommelier

You might be familiar with the saying,” Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”. Few know of the saying’s sibling,” Some are born classy, some become classy over time, and others have classiness the size of planets thrown at them from birth”. (Just kidding.) Anyways, a gift idea for that one coworker who radiates classiness and loves describing the different notes in a wine is- you guessed it, wine. The lovely folks at Fort Point’s Mayhew Wine Shop recommend a bottle of the 2015 Marsannay Clos du Roy for the holiday season, or Blackberry Farm’s Classic Saison ale.

For Your Personal Cookie Monster

Solve the decades-old mystery of “who stole the cookie from the cookie jar” by gifting your friend or relative with a sweet tooth a jar of decadent cookies from Flour Bakery + Café. If they also like to bake, don’t forget about the cookbooks such as “Baking With Less Sugar” also on sale at Flour’s Fort Point location.

For Your Sibling In Need of Furnishings For Their New Place

There’s nothing quite like residing in a space where the walls aren’t bare and the only place to sit isn’t the floor. A good gift idea to spruce up someone’s new home is this stool from Infusion Furniture. They’re a Boston-based workshop that designs and builds original and modern furniture. Whether you gift this person a stool, a dresser, or even a bed, we can assure that its quality will last a lifetime. Infusion has a showroom in Fort Point and a workshop in Milton- appointments only.

For Your Neighbor With A Funky Sense of Style

Some like to blend in the crowd, while others like to stand out, loud and proud. For the latter, we recommend the prints and designs from Blind Fox Art. Erica Hagler, the Fort Point creative behind BFA, has tons of interesting and quirky prints for sale that will look right at home in anyone’s living space as a statement piece. From prints featuring regal-looking bees to more elaborate pieces created with ink on canvas, Hagler’s Blind Fox Art is a treasure trove for artsy gifts.

For Your Geeky Friend Who Loves Accessories

Finding a new pair of earrings or a tie to wear can be a daunting task, especially given the sheer number of accessories out there. If you’re in charge of giving a present to someone who’s a fan of not your average wearables, how about these rainbow Lego earrings made by Fort Point artist Ian Kennelly?

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Brandon Mei is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Friends of Fort Point Channel.