Fort Point Finds – Hidden Art Galleries

The digital age has made it easier than ever to find those hidden gems tucked away just around the corner. That being said, it’s also given way to a phenomenon so prevalent it has an acronym of its own: FOMO, or “fear of missing out.” Scroll through your Instagram feed with #fortpoint and you’ll likely see plenty of interesting art and gallery spaces. True, the area has some big names when it comes to galleries and museums with the likes of the ICA and the FPAC Gallery at 300 Summer Street. But what many people visiting the area don’t know is how many smaller galleries featuring local artists that call Fort Point home. Even long-term residents might be missing out on some of these hidden treasures. But have no fear! You won’t be missing out when you check out this list we’ve compiled of some of the awesome public art galleries that you might not have visited before.



Atlantic Wharf Gallery is programmed by the Fort Point Arts Community and includes plenty of talented local artists from the neighborhood. Whether you’re in need of a short dose of art during your lunch break or if you’re heading back from an afternoon of gallery hoping, this stop will be sure to satisfy your local culture quota. The gallery is free and open to the public during the building’s regular weekdays hours: 7am-10pm.



 The Walter Feldman Gallery is an awesome exhibition space located within the Arts & Business Council’s multi-use gallery in the Midway Studios artist building. During the week, the space is shared by organizations that are dedicated to investing in and promoting the arts. The gallery is open weekdays 10am-5pm. (photo credit: Mass SpaceFinder)



Speaking of Midway Artist Studios, be sure to check out their own Midway Gallery which showcases the art of both the local and global. Don’t miss their latest exhibit Outlayer & Outloud, featuring fashion-related art that’s “off-center, over the line, impractical, even (un)wearable.” Numerous spaces are free and open to the public in the building weekdays 10am-4pm. Information can be found here(photo credit: Elin Spring photography)


We often imagine the realm of the legal to exist separately from that of the art world. The Moakley Courthouse Gallery shatters that perception with galleries and beautiful exhibits located throughout the courthouse. The space includes both permanent installations and rotating exhibits. These exhibits are free and open to the public during the hours the courthouse is open. (photo credit: Moakley Courthouse)





 Think kids day at the museum means nothing but play dough sculptures and and crayon creations? Think again! While you’re probably familiar with the Boston Children’s Museum, you might not know that an afternoon dedicated to the kids could also include some gallery fun for the whole family. Still want to check out gallery but maybe without kids in tow? The gallery will often hold exhibit openings on $1 Fridays, no kids required.  (photo credit: Boston Children’s Museum)





The Gallery at 249 A Street is another place that’s a great option if you’re looking to appreciate some local art talent. 249 A Street Cooperative houses visual artists and has a fantastic gallery located in-house. The gallery is open Wednesday-Friday 10am-6pm. (photo credit: Fort Point Arts)



 The FP3 Gallery is an especially hidden gem located on the first floor of FP3 Residences, a renovated 19th century warehouse building. Showcased art includes some great solo exhibits from Boston-based artists. To access the gallery, use the intercom to have the front desk buzz you into the building. Open weekdays 10am-6pm and weekends 10am-2pm. (photo credit: Hacin + Associates)



Have we successfully carved out an itinerary for an afternoon of free gallery visiting for you? Feel like we missed any? Let us know in the comments below! Or send us an email at 


Also be sure to leave some space in you schedule to stop by Stephen Hamilton‘s ArtWeek Event Stitched Into Memory where he will be leading an Adire dye demonstration as a part of his workshop with local students who are creating a large scale traditional textile installation based on West African weaving and dyeing traditions. Read our latest Q&A with him here.

Christine Rowley is the Marketing and Social Media Intern for Friends of Fort Point Channel and a current junior at Northeastern University.