20 New Custom Banners Promoting all aspects of Fort Point to Line Streets as of June 2015


Founded in 2004, Friends of Fort Point Channel (Friends) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making the Fort Point Channel an exciting and welcoming destination for Boston’s residents, workforce, and visitors.


Fort Point Channel Community Driven Branding Process comes alive this Spring! Friends of Fort Point Channel initiated a community driven branding project with a broad group of stakeholders from Fort Point to preserve and celebrate the sense of place that is Fort Point neighborhood. This process, initiated in early 2013, is completing the first stage as envisioned by the community with the installation of 20 banners throughout the Fort Point neighborhood. These banners were conceived and designed with input from the community and contain a font that is native to Fort Point and icons that represent the different aspects of what makes Fort Point special, including the arts, technology, the restaurants and the history of the Fort Point Channel itself. Later stages of the community driven branding process will include three dimensional “beacons” at the main entrances of Fort Point and the branding designs represented on the boat docks as boats enter the Channel. Friends of Fort Point Channel held an annual meeting on April 29 featuring images of the banners for the board and community members.


Banners were installed as of June 10 2015 along Summer Street, Melcher Street, Congress Street & A Street


Fort Point contains approximately 1,300 area businesses, 33,000 area workforce and 1,900 area residents that will directly benefit from the increased visibility and community pride that will occur due to the branding process. In addition, approximately 3.4 million people visit the South Boston Waterfront area for tourism, making the branding essential for luring more people into the area to explore all the great restaurants, museums and other destinations of Fort Point.


The community driven branding process began with a discussion in the Fort Point neighborhood about leveraging the assets of the community, whether the arts community, the tech businesses, the burgeoning restaurant scene or its status as a historic landmark district, to create a brand that would reflect the true nature and “sense of place” that is Fort Point. During late April and early May of 2013, a series of meetings were held with neighborhood residents, landowners, businesses and restaurants to brainstorm ideas and concepts to be included in a RFQ for the project. Meetings were attended by more than 55 individuals and provided valuable feedback used to craft a RFQ for designer. Stolze Design, who after selection, held three public meetings and created three creative concept directions that were reviewed by stakeholders (including land owners, restaurants/retail/business/community residents and artists) and the Friend’s Board of Directors. After approval by the Fort Point Landmark Commission, the banners were the first product of this process and were installed in June.

About Fort Point Channel:

The Fort Point Channel is a dynamic neighborhood stretching from South Station to Boston Harbor connecting the financial district to the emerging South Boston Waterfront. Historically, Fort Point was the epicenter of the city’s industrial activity, populated by large brick warehouses built by the Boston Wharf Company to store goods during the 19th century. Fort Point is recapturing its importance to business as the heart and soul of the Innovation District, while preserving its historic roots and vibrant art community.