Fort Point Q&A #2- Tony Savarino

Fort Point Q&A is back, this time with music on our minds. Tony Savarino is a renowned Fort Point-based guitarist who plays for local acts like Ruby Rose Fox as well as national bands like Missing Persons. He also teaches guitar to local students and international students as far as Berlin. Fresh off his residency at local restaurant Internal Matter, we visited Tony at his home on 249 A Street to talk about growing up in Fort Point and his career as a musician.


(Photo Credit: Bruce Rogovin)

Question:What’s your favorite thing about Fort Point?
I love the location and the fact that its eclectic identity still hasn’t left. It feels like Fort Point’s roots are still very much in the ground here. For example, Barlow’s reminds me of a more mellowed out The Channel. I really miss the old Fort Point, and how it used to be in the old days with the whole arts scene. I also love my neighbors, they feel like family to me. It’s nice to have a lot more people and shops here too. Back in the day it used to be a ghost town on the weekends. The heat would get turned off during the weekends too, so we’d have to keep space heaters running during the colder months. The new stuff is pretty nice as well. Don EylesPYR 2014 is stunning, the parks in the neighborhood are really fun to go too. I love Internal Matter, Fort Point movie nights. The neighborhood on the whole is a lot cleaner and prettier than it’s been in the past.

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Play Me, I’m Yours- Street Pianos Boston!

The Celebrity Series of Boston is bringing back the Play Me I’m Yours project this year to the city. From September 23 to October 10, 2016, 60 street pianos will make their appearances in neighborhoods all over Boston. Each piano is decorated by local artists & community groups, and is available for anyone to enjoy and play. The Play Me I’m Your project was started by British artist Luke Jerram, who’s noted for his touring artworks. Since its inception in 2008, the Play Me I’m Yours project has toured internationally with great success. Curious if a street piano will be in your neighborhood? Visit the website, or download their associated app available on iOS.


We at the Friends of Fort Point Channel had the chance to visit Claudia Ravaschiere, a local Fort Point artist. You might have seen one of her most recent works, Shimmer, on the Congress Street Bridge in the neighborhood. Shimmer is composed of fluorescent and jewel-toned plexiglass panels, and constantly changes in visual appearance throughout the day. In creating this piece, Ravaschiere sought to activate the familiar and plain space of a bridge with art in order to imbue it with new energy. She and partner Michael Moss have done a number of public art installations in Boston as well. Perhaps you might have seen their pop up parks in Fort Point, Bright Side of the Road I & II?Read More


Kid-Friendly Itinerary (Ages 0-8)

Looking to have quality time with your kids but don’t want to leave the city? Look no further than Fort Point. The neighborhood has plenty of family entertainment options, from state-of-the-art museums, fun playgrounds, to kid-friendly restaurants. It’s an awesome way to have a cool outdoors urban experience without visiting the same old spots. Without further ado, here’s our parent-tested, kid-approved itinerary.

9:30 a.m.
1) Atlantic Wharf

We start at Atlantic Wharf (290 Congress Street; 617-603-7195; If you are driving to Fort Point, make sure to take advantage of the parking garage here and its affordable rates. If you are taking the T, it is a block away from the South Station stop on the Red Line. While you’re here, make sure to check out the BSA (Boston Society of Architects) Space. However, they do open at 10am. But that just makes it a destination worth coming back to. Tucked away in a cozy space in the lobby is The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf, featuring rotating exhibits programmed by the Fort Point Arts Community). Just outside on the Fort Point Channel lies Waterfront Plaza. The plaza is frequently host to free events from live music by Berkeley students to kids’ programming.

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My Tour of South Station

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South Station is a place I am well familiar with, but today’s different somehow. Today I’m lost in the crowd, as people whizz by me trying to get to their destinations. I arrived at South Station today for a guided tour, but finding where it starts exactly eludes me. However I finally get my bearings together and find my tour guide waiting by the escalators. I wait with him (his name is Richard) as the others slowly arrive. We chat about what the tour entails, about Friends of Fort Point Channel, and a bit about each other.Read More

Fort Point Eats #2: Lunch (Grab & Go)

Welcome back to Fort Point Eats. Today we’re following up on our coverage of lunch spots in the neighborhood, with the focus this time being on places where you can grab your lunch and go. For busy people juggling a bunch of tasks and running low on time- the neighborhood has no shortage of places that are able to make your food as fast as you order it. Here’s a list of a few places you can grab & go at in Fort Point.

-Flour Bakery + Cafe

Owned by Boston culinary icon Joanne Chang, Flour Bakery + Café on Farnsworth Street brings both sweet and savory to the forefront of their menu. From quiche of the day to their ever-so-famous sticky buns, you’re bound to have a lunch that will leave you sated for days (possibly eons). Flour remains committed to making sure each customer waits no longer than 7 minutes for their order, a plus if you’re short on time.

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Fort Point Eats #1: Lunch (Counter Service)

As the clock strikes twelve, your stomach rumbles. It’s time for lunch. But where do you go? Here at Friends of Fort Point Channel, we’ve got you covered. The following are some local counter service-style eateries and restaurants that you can sit down and enjoy your meal at. Sit down, relax, catch up with a friend- all over food from these select establishments.

Abigail’s Tea Room at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum


Dine in style with surrounding views that look over the Fort Point Channel. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to pay for a museum ticket to eat at Abigail’s Tea Room. Sit down for some scones and tea mixed by a certified tea master, or try their delicious sandwiches and maybe a slice of one of Boston’s best Boston cream pies. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is located on 306 Congress Street, in the middle of the Congress Street Bridge.

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