Fort Point Q&A #5 – The Wondertwins

(Photo credit: the Dance Complex)

Welcome back to another Fort Point Q&A! A hotspot for artists, innovators and performers, the Fort Point community is chock-full of creativity. For this edition we sat down with Billy and Bobby McClain, also known as the “Wondertwins.” The two identical twins have made a successful career for themselves in the dance world with their unique and dynamic approach to hip-hop and have lived in the Midway Artist Studios in Fort Point for about ten years.  

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Channels, Forts, and Points: An Exit Blog

(photo credit: Ian Strickland)

The perception of how time passes is a remarkable thing. Vacations and hangouts with friends seem to pass by all too quickly. Meetings and waiting in line at the RMV somehow has time regress to a slow crawl, with each second feeling like an eternity. At the time of this post, I’ve been with the Friends for over 7 months now. Yet there are still instances where I catch myself questioning just how long I’ve been here. In some ways I feel like a grizzled veteran who’s sat on the same exact bench by the Harborwalk for years. In other ways it all still feels very new. Life is funny that way. You could speak English fluently for 22 years of your life, but all it takes is someone asking what shape your tongue makes when you say the letter R to trip you up.

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A Visit to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum


I’m wandering around outside the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum on the Channel, waiting for my tour to begin. It’s an unseasonably warm January afternoon of sunny blue skies and melting snow on the waterfront. As I’m wandering around the building, over the sound of the colonial hornpipe music I suddenly hear something happening above me. A woman, dressed in colonial clothing, bursts out the top window and yells for me to join her in discussing my qualms with those presumptuous English. From there, I’m swept into the world of stamp taxes, tarring and hardtack for an experience that would prove quite revolutionary.

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Fort Point Holiday Stroll Preview

It’s that time of year again- the air is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and snow is falling onto our city’s busy streets. Winter coming to Fort Point signals our signature event- the Fort Point Holiday Stroll. Join us at the Friends of Fort Point Channel in celebrating our lovely neighborhood and its many businesses. From 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. December 16th, stroll through our scenic neighborhood, nibble on sweet & savory treats from restaurants and bars, explore artist’s galleries & studios, and shop at boutiques & pop-up shops. Don’t forget to grab your map at any of the participating locations and collect stamps for a chance to win amazing prizes from local boutiques and restaurants. Some of the fine folks involved in the Holiday Stroll this year are 249 A Street Artists Cooperative, Barlow’s, Bon Me, Galyean Vail Design Studio, Made In Fort Point, and Tavern Road, businesses and people that really exemplify what makes Fort Point so great. Here’s a link to the full list for your perusal. This event is free and open to the public- so come on down to Fort Point, and shop in style this holiday season.

We really want participants to take the time to slowly take in everything that makes Fort Point unique among the other neighborhoods of Boston: the historic architecture, the shops, fantastic restaurants, the arts- there’s truly something for everyone here. Also on the 16th is the Boston Tea Party reenactment at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. The Holiday Stroll is the perfect activity to do before watching the tea get thrown into the sea. Make your holiday shopping a little bit more special and meaningful this winter, and head down to visit Fort Point today.

Still on the fence? Here are some testimonials from our great neighbors!

“We are so excited about the Fort Point Channel Holiday Stroll!  We are tucked away next to Bee’s Knees inside the building at 24 Farnsworth Street, so we are thrilled when people discover us and we get to see our neighbors and friends.”

InSpirit Gift and Bookstore

“The Stroll is a great chance to make new discoveries of what our wonderful Fort Point Neighborhood has to offer; not only the restaurants, but also the artists who are usually tucked away in their studios will be open.”

Linda Huey

“We enjoy being a part of the annual Holiday Stroll as it connects us to the great neighborhood of Fort Point. We like to be able to support local artists that have been a part of this community for years.”

Row 34

Fort Point Q&A #4- Pamela Civins

It’s time for another edition of Fort Point Q&A! Boston has long been a city affiliated with education. Just take a look at the massive amount of world-class institutions of higher education we have in the area. With that in mind, we decided to talk to Boston Partners in Education to get a local Fort Point nonprofit’s take on both the neighborhood and education. We hope you’ll enjoy our interview with Pamela Civins, executive director of Boston Partners in Education.


(Photo Credit: Boston Partners in Education)

How did you come to work at Boston Partners in Education?
It’s my 11th year serving as executive director, and both the organization and I have been in the neighborhood for quite some time. I actually worked in 44 Farnsworth for another company prior to joining Boston Partners in Education. I used to work for World Education, supporting work overseas with girls’ and women’s education in South Asia mainly. It was interesting work, but I have a life here in Boston too, you know? Living in places like Nepal can be fun and rewarding, but homesickness does start to creep in after a certain point. It was getting harder for me to travel overseas all the time and spend so much time away from my family. In the end I had to make some decisions about what I wanted to do. I decided that I wanted to lead an organization in Boston, and it’s just so fortunate that I was able to do that here at Boston Partners in Education.
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An InBound 2016 Insider’s Guide to Fort Point

InBound 2016 is almost upon us! From November 8 to November 11, thousands of marketing and sales professionals will descend upon the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Four days of motivating keynotes, innovative talks, informative breakout sessions, networking and more is a lot to handle, and we realize not every single attendee is going to have the time to get to know Fort Point like a local. This is why we’re introducing our Insider’s Guide to Fort Point- 5 stand out tips to take advantage of our historic neighborhood. Stop by Fort Point and explore our vibrant artist’s community along with burgeoning restaurant and startup scenes.

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