Fort Point Q&A: Quentin Kelley

Still looking for that perfect piece of furniture to complete your new apartment? Visit Quentin Kelley, craftsman and owner of Infusion Furniture, which is based in artist residence and workspace Midway Studios. Kelley has lived and worked in Fort Point  for the past 10 years, and we talked with him about how he found his calling and built his business in this vibrant, artistic neighborhood.

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Volunteering in Fort Point: the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse

It’s Friday morning and I find myself sitting in court. The John Joseph Moakley Courthouse, to be specific. Your immediate reaction might be to assume that I’ve been summoned for jury duty or to question whether my next stop will be the big house. The truth however, is a far more fun reality. As I sit in the empty courtroom, I slowly hear the growing sound of children– roughly 30 5th graders to be exact, pour into court, with teacher, chaperones and guide in tow. Read More

Fort Point Finds – Hidden Art Galleries

The digital age has made it easier than ever to find those hidden gems tucked away just around the corner. That being said, it’s also given way to a phenomenon so prevalent it has an acronym of its own: FOMO, or “fear of missing out.” Scroll through your Instagram feed with #fortpoint and you’ll likely see plenty of interesting art and gallery spaces. True, the area has some big names when it comes to galleries and museums with the likes of the ICA and the FPAC Gallery at 300 Summer Street. But what many people visiting the area don’t know is how many smaller galleries featuring local artists that call Fort Point home. Even long-term residents might be missing out on some of these hidden treasures. But have no fear! You won’t be missing out when you check out this list we’ve compiled of some of the awesome public art galleries that you might not have visited before.


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Fort Point Q&A #7 – Stephen Hamilton

Welcome back to another Q&A with the Friends of Fort Point Channel! This week we sat in on one of Stephen Hamilton’s Stitched into Memory workshops. Stitched into Memory is an art initiative that aims to teach traditional African textile arts to Boston youth as a celebration and commemoration of the historic and contemporary African Diaspora communities of Boston. Stephen’s workshops invite local students to embark on a creative and educational journey through the history of West African textile traditions and industries, as well as their impact on the cultures of the Americas. Ultimately, the program will culminate in an installation that will span 6’x30’ft in the lobby of Atlantic Wharf, and be composed of cotton canvas, muslin and handwoven cloth dyed in natural Indigo incorporating bead work, embroidery and other traditional arts. While students worked on their pieces, we sat down with Stephen to learn a bit more about his influences, inspiration, and hopes for the program.


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Boston Harbor Hotel Invites Community to Use New Center for Meetings and Events

Calling all community collaborators! The Fort Point community is teeming with opportunities for teamwork with the ample amount of creative thinkers ad group collaborators. From art exhibits to networking events, Fort Point is always up for a chance to meet and bring people together in the art of collaboration. That being said, sometimes the big ideas can get lost on the details, specifically the physical space that would reflect the collective creative spirit of the area. That’s where the Boston Harbor Hotel’s Normal B. Leventhal Center comes in. 

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5 Instagram Accounts to Check Out


Stroll through Fort Point and just try not to whip your phone or camera out. I dare you. If you’re like me, any weak attempt to curb your shutter-happy (or more often, hashtag happy) finger is typically in vain. With the ever-photogenic waterfront, prominent arts community and historic landmarks and sights, Fort Point Channel is teeming with opportunities for that coveted social media shot that fits just right with your feed. Here, we’ve compiled a handful of some of our favorite Instagram accounts to check out when we’ve just gotta have our Fort Point photo fix.  

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