Boston Harbor Hotel Invites Community to Use New Center for Meetings and Events

Calling all community collaborators! The Fort Point community is teeming with opportunities for teamwork with the ample amount of creative thinkers ad group collaborators. From art exhibits to networking events, Fort Point is always up for a chance to meet and bring people together in the art of collaboration. That being said, sometimes the big ideas can get lost on the details, specifically the physical space that would reflect the collective creative spirit of the area. That’s where the Boston Harbor Hotel’s Normal B. Leventhal Center comes in. 

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5 Instagram Accounts to Check Out


Stroll through Fort Point and just try not to whip your phone or camera out. I dare you. If you’re like me, any weak attempt to curb your shutter-happy (or more often, hashtag happy) finger is typically in vain. With the ever-photogenic waterfront, prominent arts community and historic landmarks and sights, Fort Point Channel is teeming with opportunities for that coveted social media shot that fits just right with your feed. Here, we’ve compiled a handful of some of our favorite Instagram accounts to check out when we’ve just gotta have our Fort Point photo fix.  

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Fort Point Q&A #6 – Barbara Vail

Welcome back to another Fort Point Q&A! With design in mind, we headed over to meet with Barbara Vail, an interior designer and the founder of Galyean Vail, a company based out of Fort Point that sells vintage furnishings and antique goods. Join us to hear all about her decision to enter the realm of interior design, influences, inspiration, and how she chose Fort Point for Galyean Vail to call home.


Could you tell me a little bit about your business and how you got involved in interior design?

My dad was an auctioneer, so I grew up around antiques and furniture and going to flea markets. I love art and my parents are artists too. We did it often at home, but my sister and I never thought of it as a career option. I really was interested in science and math as well and I really wanted to be a doctor. I think because when you’re little, there are really only like, four viable options.

And so I pursued that and just kept on that science track, studying nutrition, but still was really into art and design. I still took art classes as a hobby but I got my degree in science, because I think you feel a lot of pressure while you’re in school. Plus, you’re 18, you don’t really know what you’re doing. I didn’t even know that interior design was a viable career. I knew it was a major, but I didn’t know that you could actually have a career.

Long story short, I ended up getting my degree in nutrition and then moving to Boston. I was planning on going to grad school to become a registered dietitian but just thought ‘I just cannot move forward with this.’ So I moved here and I started school at Boston Architectural College and studied interior design there. Then I worked for a couple interior designers and a larger firm before starting my own company a few years ago.

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Date Night: Valentine’s Day Edition

On the hunt for a romantic Valentine’s day dinner out in Fort Point but don’t know where to begin? Fear not! Here at the Friends of Fort Point Channel we’ve got you covered. And so, as our Valentine’s gift to you, check out this list of 14 restaurants in the area this 14th that will be holding a special Valentine’s event that’ll be sure to impress your special someone.

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Fort Point Q&A #5 – The Wondertwins

(Photo credit: the Dance Complex)

Welcome back to another Fort Point Q&A! A hotspot for artists, innovators and performers, the Fort Point community is chock-full of creativity. For this edition we sat down with Billy and Bobby McClain, also known as the “Wondertwins.” The two identical twins have made a successful career for themselves in the dance world with their unique and dynamic approach to hip-hop and have lived in the Midway Artist Studios in Fort Point for about ten years.  

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Channels, Forts, and Points: An Exit Blog

(photo credit: Ian Strickland)

The perception of how time passes is a remarkable thing. Vacations and hangouts with friends seem to pass by all too quickly. Meetings and waiting in line at the RMV somehow has time regress to a slow crawl, with each second feeling like an eternity. At the time of this post, I’ve been with the Friends for over 7 months now. Yet there are still instances where I catch myself questioning just how long I’ve been here. In some ways I feel like a grizzled veteran who’s sat on the same exact bench by the Harborwalk for years. In other ways it all still feels very new. Life is funny that way. You could speak English fluently for 22 years of your life, but all it takes is someone asking what shape your tongue makes when you say the letter R to trip you up.

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