5 Instagram Accounts to Check Out


Stroll through Fort Point and just try not to whip your phone or camera out. I dare you. If you’re like me, any weak attempt to curb your shutter-happy (or more often, hashtag happy) finger is typically in vain. With the ever-photogenic waterfront, prominent arts community and historic landmarks and sights, Fort Point Channel is teeming with opportunities for that coveted social media shot that fits just right with your feed. Here, we’ve compiled a handful of some of our favorite Instagram accounts to check out when we’ve just gotta have our Fort Point photo fix.  



Evan O’Brien, the Creative Director of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum in Fort Point, shares his love of the past on his Instagram feed with “all things old & historical.” Full of historic landmarks and sites, Fort Point certainly provides ample opportunities for this account to showcase the neighborhood through a revolutionary lens.









A member of the Fort Point Arts Community, Karen McFeaters has an Instagram that’ll be sure to have you seeing Fort Point for its canvas-friendly potential. With her beautiful painted renderings of the neighborhood and photos that show some adorable pug love for good measure, this Instagram account definitely makes our list of must-follow feeds to keep up with friends in the neighborhood.








This Instagram account is headed by Boston-based photographer and travel writer Peter Molgaard, and  based off his account, his eye for photography definitely appreciates the beautiful Fort Point area. With gorgeous shots of the channel and architecture in the area, his account just might make you rethink that palm-filled beach getaway for something a little more local. 






Yes, Fort Point is known for its arts. And @fort2port’s fabulous pooch portraits are among some of the best in town. Ian Hatch, founder of Fort to Port, a dog walking service for the Fort Point and Seaport area heads this PAW-sitively amazing Instagram account (too much? you’re right, probably too much). From bull dogs to shih tzus, this account will be sure to have a pic of your favorite type of furry friends in the Fort Point area. And who knows? Next time you’re walking through the neighborhood maybe you’ll see a celebrity!







Ceramic artist Gabrielle Schaffner is based out of a studio on A Street in Fort Point and shows off many of her beautiful creations on her Instagram account. In addition to her gorgeous pieces and scrumptious looking food dishes displayed on her very own ceramic dishes, she also devotes some of her social media space to the Fort Point neighborhood with shots of the architecture, streets and scenes of her surroundings. 




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Christine Rowley is the Marketing and Social Media Intern for Friends of Fort Point Channel and a current junior at Northeastern University.